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Since it started operations in the mid-1990s in Lagos, the Group has steadily expanded its geographical coverage and range of operations to serve customers around the country.  Today, it is a truly global operator serving the shipping, logistics and marine industries on all country. 


Shipping agency


CPMS represents the interests of over 3,500 Principals and attends to over 30,000 vessels annually. At your side in ports worldwide, the CPMS network consists of two regional hub and is located in Lagos and Port Harcourt. In two places you'll encounter personnel who are competent, courteous and dedicated to meeting your requirements.


CPMS operates an integrated road transport network for any door-to-door deliveries. With our extensive fleet which includes vehicles featuring both temperature-controlled and dual compartment refrigeration, CPMS caters to the distribution and supply chain needs of local, regional and international manufacturers, distributors and retailers from a diverse range of industries.


Our worldwide air freight management capability ensures your cargo reaches any city, country or continent, whenever you need.
Our global partnership agreements with major air carriers mean our customers get priority and have access to competitive rates and capacity.


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